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United States of America Yoga Championship

Yoga Sport originated in India and has been in existence for 2500
years. Yoga is spiritual education. “Spiritual” does not refer to
any particular religion; rather it refers to the spirit, which
consists of feelings and emotions. The mastery of the physical
techniques of yoga is valued only if the human being achieves
dominion over his mind and spirit. A sport is a regulated game in
which there exists competition between two or more persons. Yoga
Sport establishes whether or not a certain human being is
competent physically, mentally, spiritually, socially,
ethologically, ecologically, and culturally. Yoga Sport is a
lesson in life itself which is a competition in every
instance. However, the most important thing to remember in Yoga
Sport competitions is that they are games, where one must achieve
control over his emotions, feelings, and passions in the face of
stress. The greatest Spiritual Intelligence obtains more points
than any other evaluated category in the competition, such as
flexibility, strength resistance, and balance. Judges determine
Spiritual Intelligence by evaluating the Affective Intelligence
and Emotional Intelligence of the competitor. Affective
Intelligence is one’s ability to adapt to the feelings of those
around him. Emotional Intelligence is the ability to adapt to
one’s own emotions. Yoga Sport develops these forms of
intelligence within the context of competition where the
environment could generate imbalance, dissatisfaction, and
stress. Competition motivates the competitor to achieve personal
transcendation and spiritual training, which ultimately serves
him in conquering the obstacles life places before him on a daily
basis. Ultimately, Yoga Sport uses competition of physical yoga
techniques as a means to a spiritual end.

USA Artistic Yoga Championship

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